How to Use Bodum Milk Frother?

To use a Bodum milk frother, start by adding cold or warm milk to the carafe and then insert the whisk into the carafe. Plug in the base of your frother and press down on it until you hear a click. Once that has happened, turn on your frother using either low or high settings depending on how intense you want your foam to be.

When finished, hold onto the handle and slowly tilt up slightly until there is an audible change in sound; this means that your desired texture has been achieved. Lastly, remove from heat source and unplug before pouring out contents for use with coffee drinks or other culinary delights!

  • Plug In the Milk Frother: Start by plugging in your Bodum milk frother and pressing the ‘on’ button to turn it on
  • Fill with Liquid: Next, fill the container with either cold or warm liquid of your choice – this could be regular milk, non-dairy milk, soy milk, etc
  • , up to its maximum capacity line (usually around 100ml)
  • If you are using a sweetener such as honey or sugar make sure that these have been dissolved into the liquid before adding it to the frother
  • Place Lid & Select Setting: Now place the lid onto the container and select which setting you would like from either cold foam or hot foam/latte depending on what type of drink you plan on making
  • Press Button & Wait for Foam : Finally press down firmly on one of two buttons located at either side of your device until it begins creating froth; wait until desired consistency is achieved before switching off and removing lid away from eyes as steam may escape when doing so!

Bodum Milk Frother Battery Installation

Installing batteries into the Bodum Milk Frother is a simple process. First, locate the battery compartment located at the bottom of your frother and open it by pressing down on the small tab. After removing any plastic film from inside of the compartment, insert two AA batteries in accordance with polarity markers labeled on either side of it.

Securely close your battery lid and you are ready to enjoy creamy, delicious foam for all your favorite drinks!

How to Use Bodum Milk Frother?


Why is My Bodum Milk Frother Not Frothing?

If your Bodum milk frother is not frothing, it could be for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, make sure that the device is clean; any old or burned milk residue can prevent proper functioning. Additionally, ensure that you are using cold fresh whole milk with at least 3-4% fat content—skim or nonfat milks won’t froth properly.

Furthermore, make sure that you only fill the container to its designated maximum level line as overfilling can result in an inadequate amount of foam being produced. Finally, if all else fails, try using a different type of whisk attachment as each one may vary slightly in performance depending on how much air it produces when blending ingredients together.

How Long Do You Put Bodum Milk Frother in Microwave?

The Bodum milk frother is typically not meant to be used in a microwave. However, if you choose to use your Bodum milk frother in the microwave, it is best to heat for no more than 10-15 seconds at a time. You should also stir the contents of the milk frother after each interval to make sure that everything inside has been heated evenly and that there are no hot spots.

If needed, you can cycle through multiple intervals of heating until your desired temperature is reached. It’s important that you keep an eye on the milk while it’s being heated so as to avoid overheating or boiling over.

How Do You Use a Handheld Milk Frother?

Using a handheld milk frother is an easy and efficient way to create cafe-quality foam for your favorite coffee drinks. To use it, begin by filling the cup with cold milk up to the fill line. Insert the frother’s wand into the cup of milk and turn it on.

You should start seeing bubbles forming after a few seconds of mixing, so you can adjust the speed as necessary or keep going until you achieve your desired consistency. Once you have reached that point, lift out the wand from your cup and enjoy!

Does Bodum Milk Frother Heat Up?

No, the Bodum milk frother does not heat up. This appliance is designed to mix and aerate cold or warm milk into a thick foam that can be used for lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee drinks. The stainless steel whisk attachment is powered by two AA batteries which spin at a high speed when activated in order to produce creamy foam without heating it up.

Additionally, the carafe of the Bodum milk frother has been designed with double-wall insulation so that your foam remains cool throughout its use.

BODUM® – How To | Bistro Electric Milk Frother


Using a Bodum milk frother is an easy way to get perfect, creamy foam every time. With its simple design and intuitive controls, you don’t need to be a coffee expert or barista to make great-tasting coffee drinks. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato, with your Bodum milk frother you can enjoy delicious homemade beverages in no time!

In conclusion, the Bodum Milk Frother is a great tool that allows individuals of all skill levels to create their own cafe-style drinks at home. It’s affordable, easy-to-use design makes it ideal for anyone looking for consistently high quality foamed milk creations.


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