Bodum 1446-01Us4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother Instructions

1. Remove the whisk and lid from your Bodum 1446-01Us4 Latteo manual milk frother. 2. Place the base of the frother onto a flat, dry surface. 3. Pour cold or warm milk into the carafe up to the maximum fill line indicated inside it.

Do not exceed this level as bubbling over is likely to occur when using hot milk. 4. Insert the whisk into the top of your Milk Frother, twisting slightly until it locks securely into place in its holder at the base of handle ring that extends downwards from cover lid on top of frother body itself..

5. Push down firmly on plunger knob located just above handle ring to activate motorized whisk and begin creating rich creamy foam – you may need to jiggle and press down gently several times to get desired results; hold plunger in position throughout process if necessary for best results.. 6 Once desired consistency achieved, lift off lid carefully while avoiding any possible splashes as mixture may still be quite active due to residual warmth present within container walls themselves – remove whisk by turning counterclockwise until loosened and then lifting out with gentle pull upwards away from unit; discard contents immediately after use or store in refrigerator for later use at a later date.


BODUM® – How To | Latteo Milk Frother

Making perfect frothy milk at home is easy with the Bodum 1446-01Us4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother! To use, simply fill your frother with cold or warm milk up to the “max” line. Then place the plunger into the container and pump vigorously up and down for around 20 seconds until you notice a thick foam forming on top of your milk.

For an extra creamy texture, turn off the machine and let it sit for 30 seconds before pouring into your preferred beverage. Enjoy!

Bodum 1446-01Us4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother  Instructions


How Do You Use a Bodum Manual Milk Frother?

To use the Bodum manual milk frother, start by filling it with cold or warm (not boiling) milk. Make sure that the level of liquid is at least an inch below the top of the frother to avoid overflowing when you are whisking. Then place a whisk icon into the container and press down on it so that it stays in place.

Once secure, turn on your electric mixer and set to low speed (or rotate manually if not using an electric mixer). Slowly move the whisk back and forth for about 30 seconds until you have achieved desired foam consistency. Finally, pour your frothy milk into coffee or hot chocolate for a delicious treat!

How Do You Heat Milk in a Bodum Milk Frother?

To heat milk in a Bodum milk frother, you need to first fill the container with cold or room temperature milk. Once the container is filled up to the desired level, place it onto your stove and turn on the heat. As soon as steam begins to rise from the surface of your milk, reduce the flame and stir continuously until bubbles start forming at the top of your liquid.

This will indicate that your milk has reached a warm temperature (not boiling). Turn off the heat and pour into a cup for immediate use. Enjoy!

How Do You Use a Manual Handheld Milk Frother?

Using a manual handheld milk frother is an easy and effective way to make your own latte or cappuccino. Start by heating the desired amount of milk in a pot on the stove or using a microwave-safe container. Once heated, pour the milk into your cup.

Place the end of the frothing wand just below the surface of the warm milk and turn it on. Move it around gently in circles to create bubbles and incorporate air into your drink as you go along. When finished, remove from cup and give one final burst for good measure before pouring onto espresso shots for that perfect cafe-style drink!

Can You Put Bodum Milk Frother on Stove?

No, you should not put your Bodum milk frother on the stove. The metal parts of the frother are not designed to be exposed to direct heat and can become damaged if they come into contact with a hot surface. Furthermore, putting a Bodum milk frother on the stove could also pose a safety hazard since it is made from plastic materials that may melt or cause dangerous fumes when heated.

It’s best to only use your Bodum milk frother for its intended purpose – creating delicious coffeehouse-quality lattes, cappuccinos and more!


The Bodum 1446-01Us4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother offers a simple, efficient and easy way to make delicious frothed milk. With its adjustable control knob, it allows you to customize your froth according to your preference. The included pitcher is large enough for a single serving and all the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

With this manual milk frother, you can easily create rich, creamy foam that will elevate your coffee experience at home.


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